An ancient past, a story made of colors and scents that tell about Venice and Orient

Venice and coffee shops. Ipazia project was born in this way, created from Terrin’s family experience.

Ipazia desires to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Venetian coffee shops. Magical places where talking about art, passions and commercial exchanges, redesigned today for a demanding customers.

The best highly selected coffee blends

Ipazia quality comes from a constant research for the highest quality. Selection of the finest coffee beans, expertly roasted to give a unique aroma, a scent connecting your mind in an all-Venetian atmosphere.

Caffè in capsule

All the aroma of Ipazia blends in the practical capsule version.

Caffè in grani

Classico or Intenso, two different characters for a moment of pure pleasure.

Enter the world Ipazia, a dip into the fascinating Venetian past of luxury, perfumes and tradition.