Venice and Orient. Fascination of trade between merchants, developed along the silk road, in a mix of history and tradition.

Terrin family and Venice. Two names connected with a history that is lost in the mists of time.

Ipazia 1807 tells the magic of a glorious past, inextricably linked to the present and to the city of Venice. A genetic heritage of Venetian economy, which has become a wide open window to the East. Traditions and trades that today come to life as the essence of Ipazia brand.

The Terrin family is the guardian of these traditions which, with the Ipazia 1807 brand, selects and distributes excellent products connected to Venice, its leading role in trade in the world and its close connection with the East. A bond that is more alive today than ever.

From different cultures new ideas, new projects are born. This is the Ipazia 1807 project.

Ipazia 1807 project wants to recreate the magical atmosphere of the Venetian coffee shops. Unique places of their kind where we talk about art, passions, new routes and commercial exchanges to and from the world because then as now, Made in Italy is a guarantee of absolute and incomparable quality.

Art, water, glass and wood. Ipazia 1807 is the perfect fusion of these precious elements.

Four elements that distinguish Venice, lagoon and its history. Merged together they give life to the packaging concept of Ipazia 1807 products. Each product wants to be a work of art, an object to be exhibited and shared because other stories, other journeys, other experiences are born from sharing.

Enter the world Ipazia, a dip into the fascinating Venetian past of luxury, perfumes and tradition.